Szabadsag, May 19, 2010, Kulcsar Gabriella
"Fantastic music, extraordinary concert!..
...There can be good, unsuccessful and remarcable concerts, but the one performed last week by the "Transylvania" State Philharmonic conducted by maestro Mihail Agafita was rather a stroke of genius! It is not for the first time that the young, talented and musically extremely gifted conductor creates miracles in front of the orchestra, much like a magician which penetrates to the orchestra's deepest qualities, drawing them to the surface...
...Actually, we would have to name every orchestra player that performed on the stage of the Philharmonic tonight, considering that we have experienced for real the fairy-tale of the Rimski-Korsakov's Scheherezade...
The performance of Mihail Agafita has shined in the midst of the high artistic value of the evening.
A wisard or a conductor? Seems like both, taking into account that he always prepares a surprize, such as the ancore (Khachaturian - Masquerade Waltz) wich allowed him to ecstasize the audience...
...Not only the orchestra but also the audience where bewitched tonight. Interpreting the art of Enescu, Mihail Agafita has demostrated the same professionalism typical of his conducting style as in all the previous concerts, exploring the entire range of means of expression and dinamic colour."
Satakunnan kansa, 9 February 2008 (Pori, Finland)
"...It was an excellent concert... I have to mention the unusual, unlike Finnish; sound in Enescu...the sound was very expressive.
...I don't remember hearing a Mozart's piece performed as well in style as the one conducted by maestro Agafita. This regards the sound, phrasing... he managed to bring out the purity of Mozart's music..."
Szabadsag, June 10, 2009, Kulcsar Gabriella
"...In my opinon, Mihail Agafita's performance represented the best appearance of the season. The deep knowledge in the stylistic sphere, the precizion of the gestures, the character's power of suggestion, the variety of dinamics and the large spectrum of acustic colours that he imbues the orchestra with, reveals the amaizing and rare vocation of a conductor..."
Ziua de Cluj, June 25, 2010
"The conductor Mihail Agafita, of the Republic of Moldova, blew away the audience at Cluj. ...According to the officials of the Cluj Philharmonic, the concerts led by the conductor Mihail Agafita, of the Republic of Moldova, and particularly his performance of the famous Rimski-Korsakov's "Scheherezade", were among the seasons' best. "... There were many things to remember... Mihail Agafita was extraordinary in the "Scheherezade", receiving standing ovations..." stated Marius Tabacu, regarding the 2009-2010 season of the Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra."
Szabadsag (Cluj, Romania), November 10, 2009, Kulcsar Gabriella
"...The first concert of November was conducted by young Mihail Agafita, born in the Republic of Moldova, who has been attracting attention since last year.
His talent, musicality, and conviction captivated the audience as well as the orchestra. During the exceptionally well conducted performance, I had the opportunity not only to enjoy the evening's triumph, but also to reaffirm my belief that this young conductor was the best of the season, repeatedly proven from all points of view: professional qualities, his humanity, humility, and affability.
The Stravinsky piece evoked humour and, at times, the grotesque. Realism, poetic sensibility, Russian folkloric tradition, unusual timbre, rhythm, and harmony are all characteristic of Stravinsky. Like a sorcerer, Mihail Agafita was in top form as he brought to life the bittersweet story of Petroushka. Each instrumental group followed the conductor's gestures with maximum attention throughout the entire, musically complex work."
El Pueblo de Ceuta (Spain)- J. M. Rincon 04.01.08
"...the audience has highly appreciated the artist's personality and talent, as well as the force and sensibility of his interpretations. Mihail Agafita demonstrates a brilliant professional technique which allows him to perfectly fulfill the style characteristics of each score."
Szabadsag, April 13, 2010, Toth Denes
"...In the Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 Mihail Agafita has brought light on every detail without loosing for a moment the thread of the overall picture, offering us a performance with a great variety of dinamics and colours."
Szabadsag, April 13, 2010, Kulcsar Gabriella
"...The frequent collaboration of Mihail Agafita with the Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra has been revealed in the interpretation of the Coriolan Overture through his acquaintance of the orchestra's preformance and capabilities, which gave him the knowledge of how, what and how much to ask from them...
...In the Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 the orchestra has reached a sonority of an outstanding artistic performance, being conducted by the more and more beloved and popular Mihail Agafita, who led the orchestra at the highest music level.", (Romania) November 24, 2009
"...Friday night's Botosani Philharmonic concert proved to be a celebration not only from the composition's point of view, but also for the performers and conductor. The experienced baton of Mihail Agafita left its imprint on every musician. The conductor was impressive not only through his artistry in Franz Liszt's Les Preludes, but also in emotionally captivating the performers--and the public, too.

The conductor of the National Philharmonic of the Republic of Moldova, Mihail Agafita performed impeccably, offering a refined performance of the symphonic poem. It was a success, impressive in evoking the atmosphere of a difficult work, and fascinating, through the conductor's clear artistic message..."
Jurnal de Chisinau (Irina Nechit, 16.01.07)
"...The performance of the concert version of the Eugen Doga's ballet "Luceafarul" on Monday, January 15 at the National Philhamonic Hall had an astounishing effect on the audience... The Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and the Chapel Choir "Doina" conducted by Mihai Agafita have produced a remarcable concert that can be considered the most important music event of this sunny January."
Szabadsag, February 2, 2010, Kulcsar Gabriella
"...The concert dedicated to the memory of Alexandru Lascae has been conducted by Mihail Agafita. Under his baton the orchestra has passed with great ease from style to style, as required by the diversity of the program. Being musically very well prepared, through his subtile gestures, the young conductor can achieve outstanding artistic sonorities, thanks to an exceptional level of communication with the orchestra...
... The program ended with the Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter" by W. A. Mozart. The noble and precise gestures of the young conductor have been decisive in achieving the sonority of the orchestra, bringing to light the dramatism and the poetry, the tension and the playfulness, the firmness and the gentleness - characters found in this symphony."
The President (International Social & Political Magazine)
"Mihail Agafita is a valuable representative of the young generation of conductors..."
Szabadsag, June 10, 2009, Egry Joysef
"...The fairy-tale world of the Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain" was transferred to reality by the Mihail Agafita's interpetational vision on the creation, drawing a smile on the listeners' faces by means of an organic flow and power of conviction..."
Szabadsag, "Mozart" Festival of XX edition, Cluj, December 16, 2010, Nagy-Hintos Diana
"...Mihail Agafita, is considered one of the most talented young conductor of the moment, through his elegant gesture, convinced the public through knowledge and skill score stylistic interpretative."
Szabadsag, June 1, 2010, Kulcsar Gabriella
"... The orchestra was led by the more and more popular Mihail Agafita, who ones again raised the chosen program to an unprecedented artistic hight...
...We wish to underline the exceptional quality of the orchestra performance in its Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliette Suite interpretation, which thanks to the value of its music elements can gain its place on any european stage. Mihail Agafita conducted in a remarcable manner, offering the interpretation a greate sense of contrast and colour."
Tribuna, Nr. 198, December 1-15, 2010, Ludmila Sprincean
"...Mihai Agafita was the Basarabian Conductor which honoured the entire concert with skill and dedication, both of them beyond any appreciable. Each wave of audible speech and accent rhythmically dynamic element were treated with the utmost seriousness giving proof of a great artistic sense and flexible in terms of contact with the entire band."
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